A qualified and experienced professional translator who understands your requirements

A qualified and experienced professional translator who understands your requirements
My considered approach and careful attention to detail ensure that the translations I produce are accurate, consistent and faithful versions of the original source texts. I always qualify the end purpose of each document to guarantee that every translation has the desired dynamic effect on the target readership.

Wait; you offer both technical and more creative marketing translations?

A wealth of experience (approaching 20 years) means that I am just as comfortable translating a creative marketing text as I am translating complex engineering, automotive, electrical or IT texts. Both types of project are very different beasts – technical texts require a sound knowledge of the subject matter in order to ensure absolute accuracy and to avoid any ambiguity, whereas marketing translation, transcreation and copywriting texts allow me to tap into my inner creative flow. Such texts, where possible, should be created according to a brief that includes the topic, target audience, house style guidelines and desired pragmatic effect, not to mention medium, length, and where the text fits into your brand or product’s marketing plan. Even if this supporting information can be provided, multiple revisions may often be required both individually and subsequently in collaboration with the client’s revisers or editorial team. I devote as much care and attention to translating both types of document, whether they are smaller documents or larger-volume texts.

I have a proven track record of reliably meeting deadlines and regularly exceeding client expectations, and I am readily able to handle large volumes of translation and proofreading thanks to my flexible approach and investment in the necessary equipment and resources.

I have extensive, detailed subject knowledge of my areas of specialisation, and I am committed to continuing my professional development. For professional and ethical reasons I do not undertake any translations outside of my spheres of knowledge.